Incarnate EP

by Maranatha

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In a world where God is known as an über-capitalist, misogynistic, backwards, fag-hating pig, Maranatha is addressed from one hypocrite to all hypocrites.

Maranatha does not exist to project hatred or judgment. This project is a call to a community from directly within it. A call to act justly. To love mercy. And to walk humbly.

If you are reading this and you have a deep disdain for God—one that has its roots in a deep disdain for Christians—Maranatha does not seek to invalidate your convictions, or even change your mind. What Maranatha does seek to do is contend that the god you experienced wasn’t real in the first place.


released February 28, 2012



all rights reserved


Maranatha Columbus, Ohio

Two guys from Columbus, Ohio making the heaviest, darkest, and emotionally honest music they can.

Heavy thoughts. Heavy riffs.

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Track Name: Hell
Track Name: Man-God
There is no God in this kingdom you've created.

An false eternity of condemnation.
Fueled by shame and lost humanity,
your “holy scriptures” speak only death,
and you long for its masochistic sting.

The god of your kingdom is full of hate.
The god of your kingdom has damned you.

Woe to you, lover of ignorance.
You are the only one who is condemned.
Damned to suffer in your own personal hell.

The god of your kingdom is you.
Track Name: In Vain Do They Worship
I can smell the fire on your breath.
We give the same tired responses.
We’re hiding behind godly words,
condemnation in sheep’s clothing.

We are slaves to false humanity.
We bury our emotions,
but are much too arrogant
to see them die in the first place.

I can smell the fire on your breath.

Where is the line between authority and arrogance?

It ends here.
This fallacy dies with our fathers.
Track Name: God Out Of The Machine
God is dead.
And His blood is on our hands.

We've replaced Him with the perfect lie.
Nothing but a justification,
Perfectly suited to meet all of our selfish needs.

A god of oppression.
A god of injustice.
A god of ignorance.
A god of prejudice.

We are the bastard children of a dead father.
We are the bastards.
I am the bastard.