by Maranatha

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released July 24, 2015

© 2015 Maranatha



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Maranatha Columbus, Ohio

Two guys from Columbus, Ohio making the heaviest, darkest, and emotionally honest music they can.

Heavy thoughts. Heavy riffs.

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Track Name: Despair
Destroy your mind
Bathe in despair
Open your heart to darkness
Wallow in hate

Despair turns to anger
Passion turns to destruction

Covered in your own blood
Neck deep in your own filth

For nothing
Track Name: Heroes
Tear your face off or I’ll do it for you
Only hatred left where you once stood
Time and time again
Leaving a wake of pain
Your solace in the death you invite


No more hope in anything
All of my heroes are cowards and thieves
No more trust for anyone
All of my heroes are liars

How I’d love to see your skull split open
So we can see your lack of thought
How I’d love to see your heart torn out
You should feel the pain you’ve caused

Track Name: Patriarch
The sins of the father
Stronger than bloodlines
The sins of the father
Passed on to the son
I’ve tried so hard
To rise above the weight
Of broken adolescence

An oath sworn
An oath broken

I’m failing at the one thing
I was supposed to be good at
I see so much in you
I see so much in you
That I hate about myself
Track Name: Violet
Dawn’s light breaks
The child sleeps
Ignorant in bliss
A fable, a tale
A kiss of death
Protect us from the truth
Protect us from you
Me from myself
I’ll do that for you
Track Name: Numb
Two dead circles
Filled with guilt
Filled with apathy
Recognize myself, I cannot
So I choose to worship
At the altar of my filth
Recognize myself, I cannot

So I go numb
I just go numb
Burn my bridges
Until there’s nothing left

Choose to worship
At the altar of my filth
Recognize myself, I cannot

I lay my waste
For my own mouth to taste
I lie in wait
To reap the bitter harvest
Track Name: Depressive / Oppressive
A constant sting
A mind full of doubt
I am rotting away before my own eyes
I was born with a curse
Born into self-loathing
Born into pain

I’m sick of asking why
I’m bound to this suffering
I’m sick of asking why
I was born with this curse

Bones snapping one by one
This weight is too much
Take this weight from me

I’m sick of asking why
I’m bound to this suffering

I was born with a curse
Track Name: Black Eyes
Tear myself apart
To find what lies beneath
I will build the whole
From each pathetic piece
Dig down past the bottom
Make my way back up
This is my creation
Nothing now can stop

Two black eyes
Now I see the truth
Two black eyes
Now I can see clearly

The power is within me
I create the new
No one else
The power is my own
Track Name: Stigmata
I am restored
While you are rotting in guilt
I face myself
While you will only retreat
It comes down on your head
I will welcome your end

With blood on my hands
False martyr
With piss on the ground

Filth fills your lungs
I welcome the end
Track Name: Cancer
Become what you despise

A heart once open
A heart now blackened
The cancer spreads

A celebration of disdain
Ignoring any sense of mercy
A celebration of disappointment
The cancer spreads


Your face has changed
You’ve decided to let your heart go
Your mind is corrupt
The cancer keeps spreading

You’ve become what you despise
You’ve become the cancer
Track Name: Misotheist